You sure you want to be a writer? Now? #humor #covid #writing

And the best way to know you’re a real writer? You get this gorgeous geek-writer QUERTY painting from the amazing, incredible, real painter-type …

You sure you want to be a writer? Now? #humor #covid #writing

Here’s a funny, wry, realistic piece about being a writer from Barb Taub. If you’re not familiar with Barb, please have a good visit at her blog. It will be time well spent. 🙂

10 thoughts on “You sure you want to be a writer? Now? #humor #covid #writing”

  1. She lost me when she stated that people need punishment for voting Republican. That’s a very, very dangerous way to see fellow human beings. I’m disgusted by it.

    1. You would think people who vote Democrat would be accepting of another person’s opinion and not be so closed-minded. I know it was said “tongue-in-cheek” but there is still a ring of truth to it. It’s a joke – but it’s not a joke to the right-wing people who believe they also might have a valuable opinion to offer. I agree with you Lori. Both sides should feel free to be heard and accepted.

      1. What’s scary to is, they’re already punishing “right-wing” people for their opinions by banning them from social media. I know several “right-wing” people whose banks and credit cards have dropped them from using their services. Republican representatives in the U.S. are having book publishers drop them. This is why her so-called joke is not okay. This is all a very dangerous precedent being set. This is what happens to dissenters of tyrannical regimes.

        1. It really is scary what is happening with all the cancel culture and silencing and dictatorlike decisions instead of democracy. But maybe this is not what the re-blogged writer intended with her comment … I hope.

      1. No need to apologize, Lynette. You didn’t write it. I wonder if she’d laugh at the “joke” if the same was written about people who vote Democrat.

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