Markle’s Sparkle … Or, Maybe not so Much

Ahead of Oprah’s big interview of Harry and Meghan, I have to say that I’m kind of tired of hearing about them and their so-called issues. It’s getting irritating.

Well, maybe there are issues, but really, are they that bad? Bad enough that after carrying on endlessly about privacy and media intrusion, they go to the absolute biggest doyen of celebrity journalism, Oprah Winfrey, to “tell their truth.” Am I missing something here, or isn’t that inviting more attention? Are they now invading their own privacy?


Queen Elizabeth II of the UK is also queen of Canada, and Harry is her grandson, so as a Canadian, I think I can chat about this. After all, when they first escaped the British Royal Family, they hid out on Vancouver Island, and as I understand it, were for the most part unbothered by the media. Locals apparently tried their best to hide their location, and to be as unhelpful as possible to any paparazzi or other prying types.

But soon thereafter, they headed to the US, a country that Meghan said she would never set foot in while Trump was still president. Interesting. They played around with using their royal status to make money. They cut very lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, all the while releasing communiques about charity and public service and telling people how to live. Really, what qualifications do either of them have for telling people how to live?

By any measure, Meghan, a very cute but third-rate actress, has done very well out of her royal connections. Would she be making these deals if she were one of Harry’s ex-girlfriends? Unlikely.

Queen Elizabeth II of Canada

Which leads me to what I think happened with those two while they were still in UK. I think they wanted to run the show, so to speak. Playing second fiddle to Kate and William (for the rest of their lives!) was just not very palatable. Following royal protocols and doing what a 94 year-old woman wanted them to do was just not in their wheelhouse. Having the agenda set for them was just not their cup of tea.

So, they decided to leave. I admire them for that. If you don’t like the song, gather up your courage and change the channel. But what I find rather off-putting, aside from their seeming inability to stay out of the media spotlight, (if they really wanted privacy, all they had to do was stay on Vancouver Island or another place like it) is the way they did it. In my, well, unimportant opinion, they glow with hypocrisy.

I don’t doubt, not for a second, that they have legitimate complaints. But I think it’s probably a two-way street. And no matter which way you cut it, these two are amazingly privileged (mostly because of royal connections). So while most of the rest of us think about vaccines, masks, the economy, and how to get our kids through online high school, to say nothing of how we can help those who are less well off during this pandemic, these two are wallowing. Shouldn’t they be happy that they have done so well and gotten what they wanted?

Apparently not. One of the interview ads suggests that Harry is going to compare Meghan (and their situation) to Diana’s. Meghan accuses “the firm” of lying about them. So it seems that they are going to do some major bashing, going all the way back to the death of Harry’s mother.

Why would they feel they need to do this to a 94 year-old woman whose 99 year-old husband is in the hospital? For a couple who says that one of their missions of service is the development of compassion, this doesn’t seem very compassionate.

So, here’s what seems to be the reality. Harry and Meghan are very privileged people who are extracting further privilege out of the fact that they are connected to a very privileged institution. To me, doing an interview at the expense of Harry’s elderly grandparents (setting aside that they are at the head of the royal family) makes them look kind of mean, and more than a little self-centred.

While I’m sure they have issues with “the firm” I have no doubt that “the firm” has issues with them. Most things in life are not as one-sided as these two are trying to insist, including a completely saintly Diana or a completely villainous Charles.

Wild about Harry?

These two were given every opportunity to do what they wanted; now they should shut up, do it, stop whining and while they’re at it, drop the whole title bit (how can you continue to complain about the royal family when you keep using a royal title to facilitate your climb to the top?). He says, “Call me Harry.” She says, “Call me Meghan.” Harry and Meghan Windsor – maybe they should really follow through on that. It would certainly improve their credibility, especially in a country that threw out the monarchy a long time ago.

Meghan is no Diana, no matter how much Harry tries to say that she is. Meghan strikes me as a big-time toughie (isn’t acting a pretty tough gig?); Diana was much more vulnerable. I really can’t feature Meghan being chased to death by paparazzi, or some other similar scenario.

Meghan has been accused of bullying by some of her former employees, and I have no doubt there’s truth to it. On the other hand, has Meghan had to deal with racially motivated criticism? I have no doubt that there’s truth to that, too. All I have to do is think about that horrible Piers Morgan and the vindictive way he talks about her to see that there is, indeed, truth to it.

But what they are about to do is probably very unwise. It’s something that they will never be able to take back; a very public airing of their problems and issues. To me, this is totally unnecessary. They have already made their point with their feet. What’s the use of rubbing salt in the wound? Are they trying to bring down the royal family? Cause their demise? Actually, they’re probably just trying to be right, and a lot of wrong has been done in the name of trying to be right.

Kate and William

Almost certainly, Meghan will cry or be teary-eyed during this interview, but I don’t think she really has all that much to cry about; they will wring themselves out for the public, to get “their version out there.” But why does their “version” need to be “out there?” If they cared about their privacy, they wouldn’t need the public to know. It all just sounds like they are trying to persuade the public, especially the American public, of how awful the royal family is and how badly they have been treated.

The public’s opinion is clearly very important to them, and they feel they need to do some convincing. But their actions have already spoken much louder than their words. Can’t they continue that approach and earn the good opinion of the public through their hard work? They keep saying they are committed to public service; why don’t they just start doing that?

These two are rich and famous and living in one of the priciest and most exclusive areas of the US. They are about to release an interview that may contain something important (support for Black Lives Matter, maybe, or other important movements?) but more likely, is going to contain drivel, and spun in a way that attempts to make them look like saints and the royal family look like devils on speed.

As for me, I’m royalled out. Ms Markle has lost her sparkle. I am not going to watch their interview. I am going to try to avoid reading about them or other royal types. The only royal I want to see is the picture of Elizabeth on the 20 dollar bill. And frankly, when Elizabeth passes on, I would like to see the end of monarchy in Canada.

The bottom line is that in the scheme of things, these two just aren’t that important, not unless they really do something to change that. They are second-fiddle chairs in an outdated orchestra that’s struggling to find relevance in the modern world. They say they have “stepped back” from that orchestra, but in the end, what does that even mean? I’m just not seeing it. Do you?

57 thoughts on “Markle’s Sparkle … Or, Maybe not so Much”

  1. Lots of good points. I think too much attention goes on about the royal family anyway. I would not want to have that kind of life anymore then I would want to be a movie star. I like my privacy. They are obviously not looking for privacy. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Stay well. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you very much, Joni. 🙂 I can’t imagine that kind of life, but I don’t think I would want it. It has to be a pretty strange one and you have to be very informed before deciding to “join up.” I don’t think Meghan realised what she was getting into (or thought she could change them, possibly).
      I am almost completely past my reaction to the second covid shot, so things are looking up! Stay safe and well. 🙂

      1. Indeed I couldn’t agree more my friend. I am grateful for the sound but simple life I have. I am glad to hear you are almost done with you reactions from second shot, that is a blessing. We are being very careful, thank you so much Lynette. Have a great new week yourself. Sending love ❤️ Joni

  2. I’m here in the UK and not a royalist to be honest. These two are getting right on my nerves. Moaning and groaning about privacy but then all over the telly and newspapers.

    1. Yes, they are doing so much complaining when they have it so much better than most people in the world, and the freedom to basically do whatever they want. This is starting to look more and more like a power struggle – ridiculous.

      1. I agree. The interview is on here tomorrow night and I won’t be watching it. They gone on and on about privacy but happy to

  3. Beautifully said, Lynette. One of the best descriptions I’ve read concerning the whole sad state of affairs.

  4. Well written and well said Lynette. Here is the deal with any “job” or “family”. You have the right to leave and abrogate your responsibilities, but go quietly into the night. This is just another case of “Hey, look at me” but only look at what I want to show you. The Royals and the Sussexes both have their problems. Why air them to the world, unless you simply need to keep your name in the news and some jingle in your pocket? Classless and that is why they did the right thing stepping away. The Royals are not without fault, but they at least have stayed to face the music. My friends in Sheffield said they knew she would be trouble and now I can see why. Too bad that dishing dirt is la soup du jour these days. Thanks for sharing and stay well. Allan

    1. Thank you very much, Allan. I agree. They made themselves very clear through their actions, and it seems they were given support, including the choice to return if they wanted it. What I don’t get is this continued nagging and complaining; it seems to me that they’re trying to gain some sort of control over the media, over the royal family, and over the story they want everyone to swallow – and that’s a falsity if ever there was one. The Windsor family will win in that dept. for sure. And yes, I agree that Meghan is probably at the root of this. I don’t think she knew what she was getting into, or perhaps she thought she could impose her wishes on everyone else. She strikes me as an opinionated person.

  5. I don’t see it either. I pay almost no attention to them. If they want privacy, they should do things that private people do, not go on national television to tell their story.

    1. I agree. If they didn’t want publicity, they really wouldn’t have any. I don’t buy the argument that they “can’t get away from it.” During the pandemic, it would have been particularly easy to hunker down and stay out of the spotlight, but they keep popping up. I don’t usually pay much attention, either, but lately they are taking up a lot of oxygen.

  6. Agree with you 100%! However sincere their initial desire for privacy was, they cannot stand to be out of the spotlight. But there’s no reason any of us should give it to them.
    Oh, and this sentence: “They are second-fiddle chairs in an outdated orchestra that’s struggling to find relevance in the modern world.” — Whoo, boy, that’s a gem right there!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      As Book Club Mom points out, “if they want privacy, they should do things that private people do.” I agree that the public doesn’t need to give them attention either, no matter the hype.

      I know someone who could be in the spotlight a lot, but chooses not to. He does “the grey wall” and just doesn’t react to the press (esp. tabloids) at all. Won’t talk to them; no one he knows does either. When they do write about him, he won’t read it. Basically, the press gets bored and leaves him alone. I know through his example that it IS possible to have privacy, even if the press would like to make money from you. But then again, when you’re getting paid to invade your own privacy … I understand that they are being paid 7 million for this interview.

  7. As long as the media continues to worship the ground these nuts walk on, I guess they’ll stay in the news. I’m happy these two self-absorbed individuals found each other. Now they can make each other miserable until their divorce. Who cares!

  8. I wholeheartedly agree. This whole situation reeks of hypocrisy and wanting attention. They say they value their privacy and want a life out of the spotlight, but their actions say otherwise. Just like COVID-19, I’m so over hearing about them.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of talk about their interview today and it’s been hard to avoid it on the news (was even on Powerplay today). It seems that there were serious charges of racism against unnamed people in the royal family and Charles is in hot water again. If the racism charges are true, I think that as a nation we should consider having a referendum on disentangling ourselves from that outfit. Yikes.

  9. As a British citizen, I probably start from a slightly different point on this Issue. I used to be in favour of the Royal family as a means of protecting a country with no written constitution from being taken over by a dictator. But Boris Johnson and his cadre of elitist misfits have shown they can achieve the injustices and preferences of the usual fascist dictatorship mindset regardless of the position of the monarch. They have made our monarchy irrelevant.
    As for Harry and Meghan, they are both children of the media age, completely drenched in a system that values soundbites and superficial ‘glamour’ above truth, integrity, and matters that are really important. Accidents of birth can give some individuals an entirely false sense of their real worth, as is demonstrated daily by the behaviour of the aristocracy in the UK. I would love to see Canada, Australia, NZ, and all the other historic nations from our dreadful empire reject the British monarchy and appoint their own heads of state instead. Along with all the landed gentry, the Royal family represent historical theft and subjugation of native populations through the simple fact that their antecedents chose the ‘right’ side in the many wars fought over our land. It is high time the whole panoply of aristocracy was done away with, lands restored to their rightful owners, the coastal strip nationalised, and the unjust privileges of the offspring of robber barons removed for good.
    As for the Interview, I didn’t watch it. No more interested in the words of these parasites than I am in the words of the Queen at Xmas. It is worth noting, in the matter of the two younger members of this family that the entire system is dominated not by family members but by an arcane and entirely out-of-touch group of ‘aides’ who determine the approach of the Royal family in all things. Queen Elizabeth has always put duty before her personal wishes, but, unfortunately, she has been a perpetual victim of a system ruled by the same sort of minds that have always kept royalty in place: a group of officials with their own policies and ambitions for whom vested interest is far more important than the wellbeing of the people of the country.
    End of rant!
    By the way, Lynette, a good post!

    1. Thank you very much for your response, Stuart. I’m happy you liked the piece – I wasn’t sure how it would be received.

      I was not aware that the “aides” are the ones doing the deciding. I knew of this group of aides but I didn’t realise they had so much control.

      It has been hard to avoid the blowback from this interview; it has been all over our news (and even on my favourite news show, Powerplay It seems that serious charges of racism were made against unnamed members of the royal family, and apparently there’s a rift between Charles and Harry. It came up on Powerplay that we might want to consider dropping the monarchy. If the accusations of racism are true, we need to disengage; if if they aren’t true, we still need to disengage. It’s scandal-plagued and soap-operatic, to say nothing of how completely outdated and outmoded an institution it is (and as you point out, with very wretched antecedents). It’s trying to hang onto its privilege and wealth by one fingernail. The interview did one thing for sure: it’s really made me feel quite solidly that they need to be retired.

      1. We didn’t get a chance to see the interview until last night here in the UK, Lynette. Needless to say, we didn’t watch it. The fallout is everywhere today. Hours spent discussing it on the Radio and TV. I suspect it will really polarise opinion here, as it has across the world. Perhaps the two rebels have ignited a spark that will begin to shift opinion on the idea of monarchy to where it belongs: as an anachronism. I certainly hope so.
        To be fair to the current Queen, she’s often been placed in impossible positions by our PMs over the many decades of her reign, and she’s always managed to remain diplomatic and, when needed, silent. But the whole institution is outmoded and based on an idea of ‘divine right’ that never was fit for purpose and is now beginning to be seen as a totally ludicrous way of ruling a nation. Time will tell, but I for one hope this is the beginning of the end for this system. We’ll need a proper written constitution before the monarchy finally goes, of course. And that’ll be an opportunity to do away with a number of archaic laws, customs and traditions, and bring the UK into the 21st century at last. I hope!

        1. We can’t get away from it either. I agree that the Queen has done a very difficult and often thankless lifelong task pretty well. She has rarely set a foot wrong. I think this why this country doesn’t want to think about removing the monarchy until after she’s gone. Charles, on the other hand, comes across as someone who is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. And then there’s Andrew. A pompous twit who should probably be in jail. These two alone are enough to make you want to run for the door. And now Harry and Meghan. I agree that if nothing else, they have prompted a discussion about whether this family shouldn’t be just living a regular life. If you need a copy of a constitution as a template, you can borrow ours. One of our PMs insisted decades ago that the constitution be “brought home;” that our Parliament be given the right to develop our own.

          1. Charles, who’s the same age as me (there, the comparison breaks down) made the mistake early in his adult life of telling the truth, something the British press have never been keen on. But he unfortunately couched his comments in such elitist and arcane terms many of the population hadn’t a clue what he meant. He is, in his way, a promoter of environmental concerns and a supporter of the disadvantaged with his foundation for young entrepreneurs.
            Andrew, on the other hand, is a throwback to the earlier days of monarchy when one ‘son’ inevitably went off the rails. He’s done so spectacularly and the sooner he is made to pay for his actions, the better. The man is an unmitigated sh*t.
            Be interesting to see how this now all pans out. But I won’t be holding my breath while we wait for change. Our political and class systems have never been quick to make necessary changes.

          2. I have read about his environmental efforts and help for disadvantaged youth; thanks for the reminder. He deserves to be treated fairly. Still don’t want him as my king, though. Agreed – Andrew is a giant piece of sh*t.

  10. This is what I believe, it’s just as if they are trying to take sympathy. I don’t like her ( Meghan) comparison to Princess Diana either. The worst part in entire episode is fallout of two brothers relationship – Prince William and Prince Harry. They were so close once.

    1. They definitely have a very public agenda and seem to be trying to settle scores. I’m sorry to hear of the breakdown in relationship between the two brothers, but I think the royal family is probably quite dysfunctional. Meghan appears to come from a dysfunctional family as well. They aren’t starting from a good place …

  11. I absolutely agree! I have never paid attention to the Royals in any way.
    So my ignorance came to a head when It hit the news. I didn’t know she was black? She looks white to me?
    No sympathy from me.

  12. I think you’ve hit on all the key points. Well written post that captures all that’s gone on with this duo. And I too did not watch as I didn’t want to get caught up in the hype.

  13. Oh hurray, somebody finally said it: over-privileged, self-obsessed and mean. They left, they kept saying, so they could live free, healthy lives and serve the world. So what’s stopping them? The Palace went on with its own business and left them to get on with theirs, but instead they stage a glorified infomercial with Oprah, selling themselves as beautiful, innocent, tortured victims. Plus, spooky overtones of David & Wallis! Determined American beauty leads the enchanted prince out of his royal prison, only to lock him up in a celebrity prison instead. Move over Kardashians, there’s a new reality show in town.

    1. That’s how I see them, too. It seems there were a lot of good reasons for them to leave, and they may have been quite justified in doing so. But right from the start it looked like they were going to throw rocks (and shore up their aggrievement by portraying Meghan as some sort of Diana reincarnation). No dignity or regality. Just grubbing for money and fame. Yes, the Kardashians are about to be replaced by the new David and Wallis.

      1. I think monarchy irrelevant/anachronistic at best, but that’s a whole separate issue. M&H have decided to use their privilege & power to play victim, instead of to do good in the world. Alas, maybe what we see is all they are. I do not think this will end well for anyone…

          1. checking out at a supermarket today, say the US tabloids, with some making M&H saints and others making them monsters, so the predictable celebrity-life rollercoaster is underway

          2. I’ve noticed the same thing. Some is totally fawning, some is completely vicious. But they’re back in the public spotlight in a big way, even if that rollercoaster makes them sick!

  14. I am pro-democracy. Any concept of monarchy and aristocracy is inherently anti-democratic, so obviously, I think it should be abolished entirely. I live in the UK but didn’t watch the interview and don’t intend to. I have read some articles though.

    I don’t agree the only right thing to do with family grievances is to shut up about it. If there is a real injustice, I don’t think the wounded party should always turn the other cheek, sometimes anger has its place. I am saying this as someone from a very dysfunctional family—if someone hurts me, maybe I am fully in my right to talk about it and call them out. If Harry’s family has been problematic and unsupportive, as mine has, then good for him for standing up for his wife and child and carving his own path. Good for them for getting off benefits and getting a job. Their point of reference is highly, HIGHLY out of touch with regular people’s, but I can’t blame Harry for being born where he was. Neither of them are responsible for their parentage.

    I obviously have no idea if any of the points made are true. I am just saying, as a person from a dysfunctional family, that some of the bits I’ve read sound very familiar to me indeed, and on those points, I am certainly not going to scoff at them just because they are rich. Losing family probably hurts even when you are, not least because Harry lost his mum when he was a child, and Meghan’s father also bailed at some point.

    The monarchy is super behind the times and needs to disband.

    1. The idea of a constitutional monarchy can and does work; Norway, Denmark and Sweden all have similar systems to the UK (and by extension, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc). The difference is that those families are very pared down and are in the public only as symbols of national unity. They all have jobs, for one thing, including the queens and kings. In those countries, Harry and Meghan would be working and also wouldn’t be getting this kind of attention. The problem is that the Windsors have created a “family business” with all kinds of hangers-on who wouldn’t have a clue what to do with a real job. Andrew, for instance, is a disgrace who probably should be in prison.

      I acknowledge in my piece that Harry and Meghan no doubt have legitimate complaints and I am not in any way suggesting that they should shut up. As you point out, they are within their rights to call out Harry’s family. However, firstly, why do they need to go to Oprah Winfrey to do this? Isn’t this a private matter, as they they themselves have repeatedly said?

      And secondly, my understanding from news reports is that they didn’t actually call anyone out. They suggested and hinted, but wouldn’t actually give a name or names.

      Those two points make me very suspicious that this interview was not only meant as an attention-getting manoeuvre, but as a way to ensure popularity in the US so that they can parley their royal fame into making lots of money.

      I agree that neither of them is responsible for their parentage, nor should there be any kind of discrimination based on that, but what I find irritating is that what they say frequently doesn’t match what they do.

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