27 thoughts on “Ice Steps”

  1. Wow. Those are some thick ice blocks. At least it looks that way from the photo. Still, I’m with Anneli, I’ll stay on land. 😬

    1. Yes, they are very thick, about 25 cm (about a foot, I think) in that location (we have a website for looking up ice thickness). Still, as I said to Anneli, being out on the ice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  2. Wow. That makes me feel a little dizzy. I never thought about how you would see down into it. And the cracks! The ice on the river at our property near the Snowy Mountains is only ever a mm or two thick.

    1. This is very solidly frozen and safe to walk (or even drive) on. You can sort of see down into it but it’s also quite blue-dark. The lake is about 600m deep. I work in the Subarctic, so it gets cold. -40 C isn’t uncommon. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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