Frozen Falls

A photo of a partially frozen Niagara Falls, Ontario, from January, 2019.

Caymanted/Instagram (Ted E. C. Duncan)

Isn’t our natural world magnificent? It’s amazing to see that green tint in the water, and that hue certainly contributes to how cold it looks. It’s cold here in NWT, but that somehow looks colder!

After all the recent nasty weather, I hope that wherever you are, you are warm and comfortable.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Frozen Falls”

    1. It really is magnificent, on both sides. It’s best to go in the shoulder months, though. Not so crowded. Yes, the colour is quite something. I think it might be affected by the cold.

  1. Thanks for sharing this picture of natural beauty, Lynette. But looking at it has made me shiver! Fortunately, looking out of my study window reveals a warmer world for me.

    1. You’re welcome. Water can be super-cooled, so it can sometimes actually be colder than the surrounding air, even if the air temperature is below freezing. That water has that look about it – the green tint makes it look even colder. Brrr.

  2. I remember reading about a time when the Falls froze enough to stop flowing at all, and people, spooked, awoke in the night — awakened by the sound of silence

    1. That would be unnerving! Your comment reminds me of the time I was in an earthquake. I was sitting on a sofa when I realised that it had started to sway backwards. I began to wonder whether it was going to tip over, and then thought, why am I wondering this? It was very unsettling, and yes, I felt a bit spooked.

  3. Looks beautiful. I love how the water freezes in such interesting formations during the winter. It really looks like a piece of art. This makes me want to visit Niagara Falls now. I’ve never actually been in the winter before.

    1. The colour is amazing; such a minty green that helps to define how cold that water must be. It’s probably a good time to go. Very few visitors right now and probably some really great views and photos!

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