Comedy Wildlife Awards: It’s Smile Time

Here’s a great photo from 2019. Entitled “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” it was taken by Anthony N Petrovitch.

Swim faster!

And I love this photo from Vlado Pirsa called “Family Disagreement.”

Stop ignoring me!

We can all imagine that conversation.

And this head scratcher from Co Grift.

Darling, you’re looking a bit orange today. Was it something I said?

The original website is here:

Although these photos are humorous, they are also meant to bring attention to wildlife and their habitat destruction.

Happy mid-week. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Comedy Wildlife Awards: It’s Smile Time”

  1. That middle one is hilarious. The bird that is being yelled at has his snooty beak up in the air. What kind of multi-colored birds are they, anyway? And what kind is that glowing bird?

    Those are cute. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Those brightly coloured birds are European Bee-Eaters (the photo was taken in Croatia). They live in large colonies, mate for life and are very sociable and verbal.

      The glowing orange bird is a fake used by researchers to record life in a large seabird colony. It has a phone-sized computer inside. The interactions with real birds can be hilarious. They know something is wrong with these creepy weirdos but can’t figure out what it is. Sometimes they will get together in a group and attack them. I find their reactions so interesting. Can tell us a lot about us, really.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos – I hope you are beginning to feel better. 💛

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