24 thoughts on “Arctic Fox”

  1. The fox looks quite ghostly. Reminds me of the old joke when an art teacher asks her student what his blank white page represents and the student replies….Its a white cat drinking milk from a white bowl in a snowstorm….and the cat left. Have a great week Lynette. Allan

  2. That’s a beautiful picture!
    Reminds me of the joke you posted on a BJM on arctic hares, which got me learning so much about both the hares and foxes. Fascinating animals!

  3. It’s incredible how some animals can just blend in with its surroundings. I imagine it’s hard to photograph considering how little contrast there is with the animal and the landscape. This is such a great picture.

    1. I have seen what I initially thought was moving snow, only to realise that it was a fox, hare or ptarmigan. They are perfectly white and in most circumstances, hardly visible at all. Nature is amazing.

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