Icelandic Minimalism

This is a famous rock formation off the northwestern coast of Iceland called Hvitserkur, which means “long white shirt.” It’s covered in a lot of white bird guano, hence the name. When I visited, the sea was much rougher and the wind was fierce. This is an unusually calm day.

Photograph by Lionel Fellay

The result of ancient volcanic magma, in Icelandic folklore this rock was thought to be a petrified troll. Too bad the same doesn’t happen to internet trolls. 😉

Happy week. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Icelandic Minimalism”

    1. It is an amazing rock formation. The sea has really worked at it over the years, creating this very sculpted look. At some point, those legs are going to collapse and it will fall into the sea, though. Nothing lasts forever.

    1. I had been to Iceland two or three times before I learned of it! When I went, I didn’t stay too long as the wind coming off the North Atlantic was really cold and it was also raining. It was quite the sight, though. The drive alone was worth it.

  1. Like others commenting, I’ve been several times to Iceland and knew nothing of this formation. Thanks for showing it to us! And now let us all enjoy the concept of petrified internet trolls…

    1. This natural sculpture is very mysterious looking, sitting as it does out in the ocean. It’s not surprising that ancient peoples thought it was a petrified troll. I think I would call it a seascape, as the sea has really been working at it (and will eventually destroy it).

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