12 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 6 Feb 21”

  1. I bet you’ll be having cold temps this week. The Arctic air is even blowing down our way. Doesn’t look like you have much snow there, or is it not a recent photo?

    1. This is one of Stuart’s UK photos. He had a dusting a few days ago that’s probably gone now.

      We have lots of snow here in NWT, at least 1.5 metres. Want some? 😉 It’s quite normal for us to have -40C at this time of year, vortex or not. This morning it was -42. 🥶

      1. I remember the coldest temperature in Dawson Creek many years ago when I lived there. It was -53 F overnight, and by morning when I had to walk to school, it had warmed up to -43. I was glad I only lived a block from the school but some kids had about a mile to walk and I saw them go by our house crying from the cold. It’s a wonder none of those little tykes died on the way.

        1. OMG! I haven’t seen anything like that, thankfully! Most children are bussed, or are only about 5 mins away. I have seen some with enough clothes on to be barely able to walk, though. How times have changed, for the best.

          1. I can’t imagine that being allowed nowadays, but not that many people had cars in the 50s and they walked everywhere. But little kids, walking that far to school was really dangerous. I know some parents tried to arrange for kids to walk together, but still…!

          2. When I think of it now, I always walked to school, rain, shine or cold. Busses were for kids who lived at least 3k away, and my parents owned one car (my dad had it). Some days were pretty miserable.

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