Winter Mountains

This is a very familiar sight to me. Deep, serious winter snow. Blowing, swirling, wheeling, billowing wildly, settling uncomfortably only to be on the move again.

I find that this photo, by photographer Arthur Stanisz, captures the disquiet and restlessness of a winter storm. The mountain acts as a sort of monochromatic canvas, a supporting frame amid the curtain of darkening, louring skies.

This storm should be respected: stay inside with a good blanket and some hot chocolate.

Photo by Arthur Stanisz

Happy week, everyone. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Winter Mountains”

  1. I love how the snow blowing over the mountain just blends in with the clouds. Agreed, there’s always something so cozy about being bundled up in blankets with a hot chocolate during a snow storm. Stay warm out there.

  2. A perfect view from a warm cabin window. I can see the chimney smoke curling up softly as the winter drags slowly on. Hope all is well Lynette. Allan

    1. Being able to look out the window and exclaim, “my that’s bad out there,” while sipping a hot beverage is a good reminder to be respectful of the weather and grateful that we’re not out in it. 🙂
      I am well, thanks, Allan. I hope you and yours are too.

  3. Cold, forbidding, yet strangely compulsive. That’s a place to watch from afar, preferably from the comfort of a heated room somewhere safe!

      1. Yes, Lynette. Observing from the safety and comfort of a warm room, we can allow our imagination to take the risks of venturing out there, and live through it vicariously rather than in reality.

  4. Lynette, a stunning photo and beautifully described by yourself – I particularly like ‘the curtain of darkening, louring skies’. The image reminds me of the paintings by Caspar David Friedrich – dramatic, a hint of the monochrome, full of atmosphere!

  5. Terrific photo and a lovely description. And I agree, there’s something lovely and sublime about being able to see something such as this outside your window whilst nestled inside, clutching a hot cup of steaming something…

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