Green Lights at Night

Although I work under the Northern Lights, I have resisted publishing photos of them …

… but this one, with its starry and reflective accompaniment, is a stunner and much too good to ignore.

Taken by photographer Beckey Lee and first published by National Geographic (, it embodies all the romanticism of that luminescent northern glow. In fact, many people believe that conceiving under the Aurora Borealis will imbue the child with wisdom.

If you’re interested in seeing them for yourself, there are many choices. Here’s the site for Yellowknife, NWT tourism:

Thinking about travelling somewhere makes me wistful. Not that I need to (or want to) travel right now, but the idea of that freedom … I hope that we will soon have this pandemic under control, and such things as seeing the northern lights will become possible again. This weird perception that I’m “unfree” is strange. I’m not, not at all, but I feel an illogical and strong sense of entrapment. This must be my limbic brain kicking in. New normal? Hah! New abnormal is more like it.

How about you? Are you feeling trapped?

Happy week. 🙂

35 thoughts on “Green Lights at Night”

  1. That is the one scene I miss. I often used to see the Aurora on my early morning drive into work. I never had the time or the camera to capture them then. A beautiful sight for sure.. Allan

    1. Yes, they are very frequent. The best time to view them is January and February. The lake effect snow has stopped, so we usually have clear skies. The cold lends a viewing sharpness that’s not present in the summer.

  2. I’m with you about feeling wistful. I haven’t travelled in over 2 years now and that is not me. Except I guess it is now. In the meantime I’m grooving on gorgeous photos like this one.

    1. Right? I like to travel, too, but not-travel me is the new thing. It looks like my federal government is going to be enacting a tighter, nation-wide lockdown – no travelling at all, not between provinces and especially not outside the country, so this sense of feeling trapped is growing. I think it’s just mind over matter, though. This is in our best interests and will bring covid under control a lot sooner, so I need to get over myself. 😉

  3. Wow! What a beautiful shot–thanks for sharing this photo! My parents got to see the Northern Lights right before Covid hit. It was a bucket list trip, and they made it! I’d like to see them too, someday. Cheers!

  4. Never seen the Northern Lights, though I’d love to. Trouble is, they’re visible only from the cold north, and I can’t stand the chill these days! Thanks for allowing me this vicarious view, Lynette. Much appreciated.

    1. They are really spectacular, and so eerie the first time you see them. They are quite a beautiful phenomenon with no negative side effects at all (well, you could get frostbite, but only if you don’t dress properly). 😉
      You can see them in the summer, but only farther south (where it’s dark enough and warm enough at the same time) and the farther south you go, the less impressive they are. Good photos instead can help a lot. 🙂

  5. We rarely have this in northern New England, but I have seen at least one spectacular display here – before digital camera, though.
    I don’t feel trapped. I usually spend winter at home – it’s November and early spring mud season when I leave. And I have a self-contained camper van, so I don’t worry so much about being safe from the virus.

    1. I’m really not trapped. My limbic brain wants to argue the point, but it won’t get anywhere.

      You must be looking forward to getting out in your camper again. Won’t be too long now.

  6. You just keep talking back to that bossy brain of yours! Neuro-science is learning that our conscious brain is nowhere near as in control, or as “rational,” as we believe. Perceptions, attitudes, that whole sub-conscious modular network concept… We don’t need to believe everything we think. Wear it lightly, and go do something you enjoy. Or just relax into being P-O’d for a while. It’s OK.

    1. I’ve told that bossy brain to go have a glass of wine, and so far that’s worked. 😉 It’s in our best interests to stay put, but Limbic just wants to whine; I’m one of those who agrees that the Emergencies Act should be set in motion.

  7. I’m told there are times the Northern Lights are visible where we are, or at least a short drive away. I hope to see them one day, but until then a picture works!

    1. Occasionally they can be seen quite far south, but they aren’t as impressive. They lose that intense green and they also tend to be gauzy or hazy looking. Maybe you might venture north some time to have a good look. 🙂

  8. I feel much the same. It’s not whether we want or need to travel, but the fact we ‘can’…if we wished to. Right now, this freedom has gone. On some days it’s difficult to adjust to, even after all these months of lockdowns. But, it is a mindset like everything else in life, so we can try and be patient and be content with all that we have, and try not to think too far ahead. Take care now 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mei, you too. 🙂

      I agree. There’s something about being told that I shouldn’t that’s making me really want to! It’s really silly, of course, but yes, patience is the key. Now, if only I could find some … 😉

  9. I’m convinced my daughter is going to move away as soon as she is old enough so she can live somewhere she can see this on a regular basis. I’m usually pretty happy being an introverted hermit, but every once in a while I need to get out and move. I’ll probably start to feel more that way when the weather warms up.

  10. I have never seen the Northern Lights, wishing to have a chance, one day. Until then, wishing to get our normal life back🙂

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