Peachy Keen

The Okanagan Valley is quite famous for wine grapes, but for many years before that it was well-known for its fruits and vegetables, especially its tree fruits.

I am not usually a big lover of fruit, but there’s nothing quite like a fresh peach, warm from the sun, gently sweet and juicy, slightly tangy but not acidic. And that heavenly peachy perfume! Such a treat!

A bin of Okanagan peaches.

So as I sit on the equivalent of a massive glacier, I can always dream sweet summer memories of peaches. Mummm, I can almost taste one.

Do you have a favourite fruit?

Happy mid-week. 🍑

26 thoughts on “Peachy Keen”

    1. I never much liked pineapple until I tried a fresh one at a fruit market while visiting Hawaii. It was so good, and not at all acidic. I indulged in several while there, but the ones were get here are so sharp and acidy. Picked unripe and rolling around in a container ship doesn’t do them any good.

      1. The ones we get via the supermarket are a little variable, but mostly good. If they’re not ripe when delivered, I leave them on the kitchen windowsill to receive a dose of sunshine for a day or two.

        1. I’ve never been successful finding a good one in our markets – they never fail to upset my stomach (and my tongue, too) because of the high acid content. It’s something I think we probably shouldn’t be doing, or at least less of it. Sending fruit halfway around the world isn’t likely a good thing for the environment.

          1. Beware, Lynette, you’ll have me mounting my soapbox! I think your comment is true of a huge amount of what we so easily label ‘trade’. Much of it is incredibly bad for the environment. And, given solar power and glass houses, we could probably easily grow exotic fruits in almost every country in the world. High time we looked in serious detail at what is shipped around the world in order to boost ‘trade’.

          2. Hahaha. Soapboxes exist for a reason. 😉 I agree completely. I always try to buy local, wherever I am, even if it costs more (usually it’s not that much more, anyway). I won’t buy produce that’s not local when I’m in the Okanagan (it’s one of the main agricultural production areas of Canada; why would I buy potatoes from California?)

            I take a lot of issue with big box stores, too, and there is one in particular that I boycott completely. Terrible practices, in every way possible. One of our provincial premiers has allowed big box stores to remain open while requiring independent businesses to close. It’s a travesty. I keep wondering if he’s getting kickbacks. One thing is certain; he should be kicked out of office. Guess I’m on my soapbox now. 😉

  1. Mmm… I really want to have peach cobbler now. I have such a sweet tooth, so naturally I’m a huge lover of most fruits. Some of my favourites include mango, pineapple, and most berries.

    1. Mangoes are so versatile. They are so good in salsas and desserts, and Michael (my husband) makes a wonderful pasta with mangoes and roasted peppers. Unfortunately, our fresh peaches won’t be available for a while. They will be worth the wait, though. 🙂

  2. Yummy! I’ve never had fresh peaches and you make them sound irresistible. I love picking fresh blueberries in the woods in Sweden and in the Caribbean to buy fresh water melons! Delicious.

    1. I assume that the acid content upsets your tummy? I don’t do well with pineapple, either, but then I tried a fresh one while visiting Hawaii. It was a revelation! I discovered that pineapple could be sweet and mild (and not capable of drilling a hole in my stomach). I still won’t eat supermarket pineapple as I find them so acidic.

  3. Count me in the group that loves pineapple, but also in the group that has tummy issues with such, even the “fresh” ones. This tum-tum aspect wasn’t an issue until recent years. As a child, I worshipped said fruit, and pineapple upside-down cake was my favorite dessert. I could NOT get enough. But bodies change and things go awry. Now I have to worship The Pineapple with considerable discretion…

    P.S. Yes, I am one of those hooligans who thinks that pineapple and Canadian bacon is delicious on a pizza… 😉

    1. The things that are happening to this old vessel are rather amazing, and not in a good way. M and I feel like we’re in a forced competition for number of bathroom trips per night. Last night he got four. The night before, I had six. Yikes. So I understand about your backfiring tummy. Mine as always been temperamental when it comes to what I put in it, but motion has never bothered me. Boiling oceans or major air turbulence aren’t issues. But kiwis? I may as well build a camp in the loo.

      But Hawaiian pizza. I do like it, and I can tolerate the cooked pineapple. I hope you can, too, because a crunchy thin-crust Hawaiian with thin-sliced ham? Wonderful, no matter what Gordon Ramsay says. Amazingly enough, it was invented by a Greek immigrant who lived in southern Ontario.

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