18 thoughts on “January 15’s Friday Flower”

  1. Love how vibrant these flowers are. And yes, good to be reminded that colour does exist below the snowy and icy surface. We’ve had an unusually warm winter so far, but temperatures here are expected to drop too. But our cold weather is probably the equivalent to your warm weather in the winter.

    1. They were so pretty and bright and sitting in a big pot outside the heating and plumbing store where we bought our new furnace. Isn’t that one of the many beauties of summer? Lovely is everywhere, even outside a heating and plumbing store. 🙂

      It’s funny – I’ve noticed a few times lately that we have been warmer than places much farther south. Last week we had several days with -4 and -5; that’s probably not much colder than Toronto. The problem is the impact that might have on our hibernators. It’s supposed to be -40 and the bears should be asleep, but in these warmer temps they will wake up and want to eat, only there’s very little for them right now.

  2. Our weather here seems to follow yours pretty closely. We had some snow yesterday, a little more today and temps are expected to drop soon. I guess the warm sunny days were just a tease. 😉

    1. Ours are supposed to drop as well, but we may be quite a bit colder when the time comes (we should be a lot colder right now but we’re having an unusually warm one). Strange, right? You’re much farther south but your winter isn’t much different. Well, a snowstorm started this afternoon, so maybe we’re turning that around. 😉

      1. Yes. In common with waiting for anything worthwhile, we’ll find the next few weeks may drag. At least we’ll get the replacement of the worst ever US President very soon, and end that fiasco. But it’ll be a few more weeks before the vaccine can do its job.

        1. I am scheduled for a vaccine a week from today, but I’ll be much happier when it’s ticking along for most of the country.

          I have my doubts about that situation ending soon. I think #45 is a symptom of a very deep well of issues, not a cause. If not him, they will find someone else – Cruz or Hawley. Biden is going to be dealing with alligators for a long time, but I think that he at least knows that.

          1. At 72 and with underlying health issues, I’m in a priority group for the vaccine. Should get a letter this week inviting me for a jab. Valerie is younger so will be in the next group. Fingers crossed…
            I think you’re right about the orange idiot. He’s not alone; many other fools are in positions of power. But the US is a world influencer and that makes his activities more dangerous. Good to see Biden, for all his faults, is intending to reverse some of the Trump’s worst actions as soon as he’s in office.

          2. Unfortunately, I think that the US’s world influence has taken a drubbing. It’s going to take quite a while to get that back (and maybe that much influence isn’t a good thing anyway).

            My vaccine (and Michael’s) has been moved up; Thursday is now jab day. Because of history, the whole of the north is a priority, so we’re all getting it very quickly (and we’re a small population, just spread out a lot). Safety and wellness to you and Valerie; may the vaccine find both of you soon.

          3. Good to learn you’re going to be jabbed soon, Lynette.
            I agree about too much influence. The world is growing smaller, and the larger nation states, and some of the smaller ones (UK) consider their opinions as more important than the rest. Time for a radical rethink on the way the world is run I think.

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