2020 Photographic Review, Part 2

Here are your favourite photos from the second half of 2020.


Chute Lake, near my home in Penticton, British Columbia


Oregon grape holly, also known as mountain barberry. I’m not sure why this photo was so popular.


Back in the north: give me a hug before I go to sleep for the winter. 🙂


Winter comes early in Northwest Territories. Although this was only October, there was snow on the ground.


November brought a frosty Friday north of 60. Yes, there’s lots of snow. 🙂


Just before the end of 2020, I posted this picture entitled “Into the Future.” It seems to resonate with many viewers.

So that’s it, everyone. May 2021 see us try to treat each other, and our environment, well.

Have a good week. 🙂

21 thoughts on “2020 Photographic Review, Part 2”

  1. I always like the green and gold. Reminds me of Alberta, Edmonton and CFL football, which I hope returns in 2021. Stay well and have a great week Lynette. Allan

      1. I would HATE the cold! lol! It is one of my daughter’s life goals to see the northern lights. She is absolutely fascinated by them.

          1. If I were to make a trip like that, I’d drive. I love getting to see all the stuff between me and my destination. We’ve never done a huge trip like that (anything over a day and a half or so of driving) because of the kids and school stuff over the years, but maybe once they are both out of the house, it is something we consider. We’ve definitely talked about it.

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 The grape holly photo turned out to be surprisingly popular, as did the “Into the Future” photo. I’m never sure why one picture is more popular than another, especially when I think it should be the other way around. 🙂

    1. Interesting question. Our winter has been unusual. Normally the temperature continuously drops until we reach a couple of very cold weeks in January of about -45C (-49F). Then it slowly starts to climb until the days get very warm because of the (almost) midnight sun.
But this year! We had a week of above-freezing temps in late Nov and all the snow started to melt. Right now we should be at about -40 but it’s -4. Very strange. Normal snowfall throughout the winter would be about a total of 160 cm. (63 inches, I think), but much of that already melted.

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