12 thoughts on “Winter Drive”

  1. It was snowing this morning, very prettily, and now the sun is shining. I know the intense cold is coming, but for now I’m enjoying this for all its worth.

          1. Right?! It’s headed toward us as well.
            Someone told me all it means is a low pressure front is coming in from the Arctic, it doesn’t mean extreme low temps will come as well — though often they do. 🥶

          2. Pilots have to be very weather aware, and this term is not something that’s in our lexicon. We are very aware of very real fronts, though (and from my recent weather checks, this particular front is headed to Europe). This really sounds like an attempt to scare people with silly terminology. Ugh.

  2. Another beautiful shot of a snowy road in the winter. Most of our snow has melted and there is none on the forecast for the coming week. Hope you’re staying warm out there.

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