Moon North

A pastel blue and bluish-pink characterised this rising north moon as I drove north two nights ago.

Appropriately enough for the north, this moon is known as the “beaver moon” and is the last full moon of 2020.

I am happy to be moving into the last month of 2020, as well. I hope we learn from it, but I also want it to leave.

Happy week, everyone. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Moon North”

  1. Only 21 days until the shortest day and then 21 days back to this point in light. Good capture Lynette. We all need to see the light and move out of 2020 and into a better 2021. Stay well. Allan

  2. I just learned of the “beaver moon” a few days ago. It’s a pretty one and a good one to leave on. Goodbye 2020!

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