15 thoughts on “Lest We Forget”

  1. We all need to remember the greatest sacrifice of all. It will somehow make our current situation more bearable. Stay well Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, we do and I agree completely. I am a veteran (and many in my family) and so it’s personally particularly important. In watching the national service from Ottawa this morning, the closing chaplain’s comments that we always turn to the military whenever we need help were so appropriate, especially now. They’ve thrown themselves into working everything from snowstorms to wild fires to the covid outbreaks in care homes. Those selfless extra hands.

    1. Thanks, Christi.
      Usually, poppies are dropped from an aircraft over the people attending the main Remembrance Day service in Ottawa. The falling poppies represent those who “fell,” so the number is exact. This year because of covid, the service was very small and people were told not to attend, so it was thought that the falling poppies could be replaced by the light show. Normally, there is a display at the Parliament; this year’s was particularly poignant, though, I thought.
      The poem is read at most Remembrance Day services and is referred to as “The Act of Remembrance.”

  2. Here’s bit of Pink Floyd I listen to on Veterans day. I don’t forget, I can’t forget.

    The Gunner’s Dream- Roger Waters

    Floating down
    through the clouds
    Memories come rushing
    up to meet me now
    But in the space between the heavens
    and the corner of some foreign field
    I had a dream

    Good bye Max
    Good bye Ma
    after the service
    as you’re walking slowly to the car
    and the silver in her hair
    shines in the cold November air
    you hear the tolling bell
    and touch the silk in your lapel
    and as the teardrops rise
    to meet the comfort of the band
    you take her frail hand
    and hold on to the dream

    A place to stay
    enough to eat
    somewhere old heroes
    shuffle safely down the street
    where you can speak out loud
    about your doubts and fears
    and what’s more
    no one ever disappears
    you know they’re here
    they’re standard issue
    kicking in your door
    you can relax
    on both sides of the tracks
    and maniacs
    don’t blow holds
    in bandsmen by remote control
    and everyone has recourse to the law
    and no one kills the children anymore

    Night after night
    going round and round my brain
    this dream is driving me insane
    In the corner of some foreign field
    the gunner sleeps tonight
    What’s done is done
    We cannot just write off his final scene
    Take heed of the dream.

    Thank you for your service to your great country, may we all someday take heed.

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