12 thoughts on “Lest We Forget”

  1. We all need to remember the greatest sacrifice of all. It will somehow make our current situation more bearable. Stay well Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, we do and I agree completely. I am a veteran (and many in my family) and so it’s personally particularly important. In watching the national service from Ottawa this morning, the closing chaplain’s comments that we always turn to the military whenever we need help were so appropriate, especially now. They’ve thrown themselves into working everything from snowstorms to wild fires to the covid outbreaks in care homes. Those selfless extra hands.

    1. Thanks, Christi.
      Usually, poppies are dropped from an aircraft over the people attending the main Remembrance Day service in Ottawa. The falling poppies represent those who “fell,” so the number is exact. This year because of covid, the service was very small and people were told not to attend, so it was thought that the falling poppies could be replaced by the light show. Normally, there is a display at the Parliament; this year’s was particularly poignant, though, I thought.
      The poem is read at most Remembrance Day services and is referred to as “The Act of Remembrance.”

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