Meet Annie

Say hi to Annie, probably one of the most adorable bear cubs ever.

Annie decided she wanted to come to Canada, so she waited her turn at the border crossing at Stewart, British Columbia – Hyder, Alaska, and then lined up to be processed by Canada Border Services.

However, poor little Annie didn’t have her papers so she was apprehended for the winter by Northern Lights Wildlife Services.

And a good thing, too. At 10 kilos (21 lbs) Little Orphan Annie is much too small for her age. She was born this spring, somehow lost her mother, and has been trying to find enough to eat ever since. Normally, bear cubs stay with their mothers until they are about 18 months old.

At the wildlife centre, she is apparently doing well with the other rescued bear cubs, and is eating lots and gaining weight.

The full article on this sweet little bear is here.

Border jumping bear cub captured, transferred to Smithers wildlife shelter

Welcome to Canada, Annie. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Meet Annie”

    1. They apparently have about 30 black bear cubs and 2 grizzly cubs for the winter. They will be able to grow and develop with a minimum of human contact and will be released into the wild in the spring. At least little Annie has a fighting chance now.

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