32 thoughts on “Winter Sky”

  1. Even in a white world, beauty still abounds. As Northern Canadians, we better get used to it. It is supposed to be +12 here tomorrow Lynette, so maybe a brief reprieve. Thanks for sharing. Allan

  2. Doh. Just when I said we don’t usually get snow in October here, we got snow today. It’s melting right away, but umm, yeck. I’m not ready until the holidays.

    Pretty sky.

  3. I was startled just now to look out my windows and see what looked exactly like a ‘chinook arch,’ familiar to me from Calgary days… but what’s it doing in Vancouver? anyway, beautiful, so I am not arguing … the crows depart for their Burnaby roost earlier & earlier, these evenings

    1. The chinook arch isn’t exclusive to the prairies. They can be produced in much of B.C., especially between the mountain ranges, but when you see one off the coast of Vancouver it can signal a “Pineapple Express” from the southwest or a tropical wind originating from Hawaii. You may be getting some warm but cloudy weather. 🙂
      Next weekend the clocks change.

  4. I think my favorite part of winter is how quiet it gets — the snow seems to muffle everything. Oh, and the sparkly crystals, the shimmering quality of the snow… No, wait, it’s the frosted trees in the morning… oh, but then there’s the hazy fog like a British detective movie… 😉

    1. I agree; winter can be so beautiful, especially here where the interplay of light and snow is so interconnected. A sunset shining through snow-frosted trees is probably my favourite. Or maybe pinkish-blue sun-encrusted ice crystals. Or maybe … 😉

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