Northern River

I took this photo back in August. Those green leaves are all gone now and today a snow storm started. I am presently at 61° N latitude (roughly the same as Oslo, Norway) after all, so winter comes early.

It will probably snow every day now for about the next month (we are near a very big lake and that makes a lot of snow until it freezes).

But dreaming of summer is a very good thing. An appreciative thing. 🙂

30 thoughts on “Northern River”

  1. Enjoy the season! I love the frozen rivers of the north. We didn’t really get any snow in my part of England last year, which is unusual, but we’ll see what this winter does.

    1. I plan to get some photos of the waterfall that’s a bit downriver from where this was taken; a month from now when it has frozen. Winter is the north’s best season; it’s so beautiful, but I don’t feel ready for it yet!

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      Yes, this is actually fairly typical as we are quite north. We also get lake effect snow (we are on Great Slave Lake and it’s huge) until it freezes. I have shovelled twice in less than 24 hours because I could barely get the door open. It’s only about -2C right now, but it will go down to -40 by Dec.

    1. M is still in the Okanagan and enjoying nice autumn weather, so I’m a little wistful. I agree that we’re going to get whacked. All the signs of it seemed to be around. You stay well, too.

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      Floods aren’t a problem. This geographical area has evolved with the snow so it knows how to drain quickly when it melts. It’s so funny because given how much snow we get and how quickly it can melt, flooding could theoretically be an issue, but it isn’t.

      1. Oh well that is a real blessing. I am glad as floodwaters cause so much damage around the southern area of NC where I am. Have an amazing Sunday my friend. 🤗💕❤️Love Joni

  2. A lovely picture, Lynette. But I don’t envy you your winter. These days, I welcome the warmth and only venture into the cold when I’m well covered.

    1. Thank you, Stuart. I think I’m going to really be finished with it when my contract is completed. Yes, it’s important to be covered. I have a big parka that goes almost all the way to my feet! I’m very cosy even in -40.

  3. Ugh. Snow in October is way too soon for me. It’s rare here, but it happened on Halloween last year. Anyone who lives near the Great Lakes gets a lot of lake effect snow. My husband’s brother lives in Indiana on the east side of Lake Michigan (hubs grew up there), and they get smashed with snow every year. No thank you.
    Stay warm and well up there.

    1. Oh yes, I completely agree. I have this winter and next and then my contract is completed, so after that I will be permanently living in the land of wine-and-a-tiny-bit-of-Dec-snow-that-melts-right-away. Over the weekend we were hit pretty hard. I shovelled three times and it took 20 minutes to clear the snow off the front of my truck (not the back, mind you). Text-book lake effect snow. Very heavy and wet and lots of it. Yikes.
      Thanks, I will. 🙂

  4. We’re too new to this area to be tired of the snow — we still think it’s beautiful. But then, so is summer here and we certainly weren’t of that opinion in Phoenix!

    1. I often say that winter is the Northwest Territories’ best season. It literally shines. And the air turns pink and blue from the refraction of the sun on the frozen water particles in the air. And then there are the Northern Lights. The north really is a land of light. Today the sun was shining on the snow and it was just gorgeous. But, the cold is a hard unforgiving taskmaster and I was hoping it would arrive a little later. 🙂
      I used to live in Phoenix; I did some flight training there. The heat in July and August was brutal. Air conditioning and fans were my best buddies. 😉

      1. For the first 15 years of my life we didn’t have air conditioning (just evaporative cooling), but get this: when we got it, I didn’t like it!

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