Lovely Okanagan

The Okanagan is returning to normal.

The Okanagan city of Penticton was recently threatened by a forest fire. There were evacuations and many people were on alert.

Through the unceasing efforts of firefighters and pilots, the fire was doused with nearby lake water and is now under control. The alert has ended and everyone is safe.

I wish a quick end to the fires in California and safety to everyone in its vicinity.

13 thoughts on “Lovely Okanagan”

  1. So beautiful Lynette is this where you live? How gorgeous. So grateful for firemen, honestly I don’t know how anyone does that job but thanks be to God that they do. Fires will continue to be more and more of a threat with global warming.

    CA was hit so badly last year like Australia, I pray it does not get that bad again. Take care Lynette. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you very much, Joni. 🙂 Yes, it is. It’s a very beautiful wine-growing area, but has been prone to fires in the last couple of decades. I couldn’t agree with you more about global warming.

      1. The fires are so sad. I pray for those affected with such loss. We really have to address global warming on a world basis in order to save are world. ❤️💕🤗 love ❤️ Joni

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