23 thoughts on “Monday Marvellous: Red Rosie”

  1. I’ve just clicked to follow you (again!) and it said right away, that posts would appear in my reader – no option for email notification. I guess I have to start using the Reader.

  2. Gorgeous rose. My rose bush is still in full bloom and almost as tall as me. Which isn’t saying much, since I’m under 5 feet tall (don’t know the the conversion on that).

    Happy Monday to you, too. 😊💗

      1. I have no green thumb and mention that in my post today. Last year was the first time I attempted gardening, because any plants I ever had in the house died. I have none in the house anymore. 🤷‍♀️

      1. I read something that said whenever they develop new flowers, say to create a bigger, more long-lasting bloom or more vibrant color, the scent is lost. That’s why the old-fashioned roses have the best fragrance.
        Just goes to show, the more we tinker with nature, the more we mess it up!

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