Lake Walks

I took a lovely walk along this arm of Great Slave Lake.

This arm of the lake looks almost like a river.

There is some outflow into it, but it really is a sort of minor fjord.

The clouds were aligned with the lake.

It was a pretty day, but Great Slave Lake is large enough to create its own weather, a fact that came home to roost today with a deluge that lasted more than an hour. Unfortunately, there was no walking.

Happy mid-week greetings from Canada’s (now) sunny north. 😎

14 thoughts on “Lake Walks”

  1. Again in your photos there is the feeling of going somewhere outside the photo. In the second photo the river is flowing into the sky! Great photos Lynette!

  2. Beautiful area for a walk or just a sit!
    We had a deluge yesterday, then this morning it was misty and foggy, now the sun is shining. I’m still not used to this bipolar weather, but it’s always interesting!

    1. It was very soothing, especially as I’m on quarantine right now. I have a lot of paperwork to do, so I stay occupied, but it’s good to get out. I don’t know if you take any photos, but mist and fog can produce some interesting effects.

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