16 thoughts on “Friday Flowers”

      1. I think too much and it keeps me awake. If more of these thoughts were of any consequence, I would have an epic blog. More’s the pity.
        I have prescription drugs to knock me out but I wake up with a hangover that seems to last all day. So,, I stay up until I can sleep.
        Time to check out the reader and see today’s slice of photographic goodness.

        1. Insomnia is the worst; you have my sympathies. Yes, sometimes my brain just won’t shut down and I can’t fall asleep. I have a couple of sleep programs on my phone that work reasonably well. But the great one is a podcast about Roman history. The reader has a very soothing voice that usually knocks me right out. I would never listen to him while driving a car!

          1. Are you talking about Mike Duncan’s History of Rome podcast? He’s great! I usually have to back up a bit because I doze off as well,, but I try to stay awake for the whole episode. He does have a very soothing voice.

          2. Yes, I am! I’ve really had to rewind, rewind, because I go into a sort of stupor when I listen to him. Despite that, his podcasts are actually really well done, though.

  1. I have never seen candle brush before – how lovely and your blue bells are magnificent. These are really gorgeous Lynette. Flowers in a wild environment bring me such sweet memories. Thank you. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Love 💕 Joni

  2. We took a short hike today through some meadows and saw some of those flowers. Very relaxing. Thanks for continuing the feeling! 🙂

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