Monday Marvellous: Chute Lake

We recently took a little trip to Chute Lake, which is on the east side of Okanagan Mountain in British Columbia.

Chute Creek at the junction with Chute Lake.

We took a lovely walk and crossed a bridge where Chute Creek joins Chute Lake.

Chute Lake

Cheers from pretty Chute Lake, everyone. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Monday Marvellous: Chute Lake”

  1. Thanks for sharing this visit with us, Lynette. I particularly like the sun on the water, always a difficult feature to capture well; great job!

      1. One of the beauties of digital is the ability to take multiple shots at no cost. Experimenting is a great way to discover what does and doesn’t work, eh?

          1. I was brought up with a camera in the days of film. My first took only 8 pictures on a roll that cost as much as my weekly earnings from a paper round, so I always had to be frugal when composing, and pressing the button. It was quite a long time before I realised with my DSLR I could take as many shots as I like; with a memory capacity of 1.8k photos, I can really experiment!

          2. Renewed interest in film for photographs rests on the quality of the images, I think. But I won’t be returning to it: all the darkroom equipment and the need for a special room to process the work, plus the cost of film. It’s a great way to learn about the subtleties of image making, mind.

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