Monday Marvellous: Arriving Home

Last Monday we arrived at home in the Okanagan after our long drive from Northwest Territories. It was so good to get here after a tough and busy time of it.

Driving through the Rocky Mountains
Passing a mountain lake.
Almost there. Okanagan Lake is at the right.

Monday greetings from Penticton and the Okanagan Valley. Have a good week. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Monday Marvellous: Arriving Home”

      1. Thanks for that, Lynette. Some of those comparisons are surprising, but others are pretty expected when you look at an atlas or a globe. Canada certainly is a big country. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to visit, but it’s on my daughter’s list to visit.

          1. Australia has closed its internbational borders, so it’ll definitely be a while, Lynette! But Canada remains on her list.

          2. Yes, we are closed, too. We have a trickle of people crossing illegally (impossible to stop it completely at a border as long as ours). It’s entirely possible that our border may not open for the next year.

  1. Oh, it looks so beautiful in your country! Mountains and lakes + that beautiful sky. I hope you had nice vacation and it was nice to return home again.

    1. Actually, I’m returning home to have a holiday as I work in the north but live in the south. I’ll be returning to the north early next month.
      Yes, most of the photos include the Rocky Mountains; they are breathtaking. 🙂

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