28 thoughts on “The Overlander”

      1. The Rockies left a big impression in me, loved them. I cannot imagine driving 2200 km after a small break. 500 is probably my max. Well done. Lyn

    1. It is really something. And they serve food and drinks on that deck, too. If you’ve been hiking in the Rockies (or working really hard), you can feel quite virtuous about sitting there soaking in the view and the food and the drinks. 🙂

  1. it’s not just the mountains, it’s also the sharp, spicy mountain air… can we talk about “thin” air, the difference in high-altitude air and air at sea level?

    1. Oh yes! I love the mountainous tree air, so fresh and yes, spicy. As a pilot. I am well-schooled in the differences. Air at sea level is denser; the oxygen molecules are packed closely together. At higher altitudes, the molecules are spread out more and you don’t get as much oxygen. In spite of this, people often feel better in the mountains. There are fewer pollutants and those with allergies may have fewer issues. 🙂

      1. When I moved back to Toronto after a decade in Calgary (with frequent outings even higher), I at first found the air muddy & thick. Everything glitters at altitude! I had to retune my eye. A friend here in Vancouver talked about a friend of hers, an artist who lived a long time in Yukon & painted bright acrylics, then moved to Vancouver Island and couldn’t paint at all, until he switched to water-colours…

        1. Altitude would definitely alter perception as there is an effect on the brain (hypoxia is an extreme form) and other changes occur such as an increased ability in the red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently, so yes, you would experience that “muddy and thick” air at lower levels. Did you sleep better though?

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