9 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 26 June 20”

  1. Lynette what a wonderful thing to post, pictures for those who can’t escape their homes. Stuart is blessed with wonderful places for him and his wife to walk. These pictures have been a blessing. We have a beautiful lush backyard here in N.C. We have a group of twelve deer that feed in our yard, squirrels, some turkeys, Baird owls and so many beautiful birds. I feel truly blessed to open the large window and see God’s beauty. For those who can’t get out exploring this must really be a blessing. I like the history behind his work too. We tear down things way too easy in the US. It is shameful. Thank you for doing this for others. Bless you and your family Lynette. Love 💕 Joni

      1. Yes, I am learning from him. I appreciate your showing his beautiful work. Hope you are well my friend. Stay safe and blessed you and your loved ones. ❤️💕 Joni

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