20 thoughts on “A Photo Painting”

  1. It’s lovely when someone skilled uses one of your pictures as inspiration for a painting, isn’t it? A few have done that with some of my pics. I’m always surprised at the images they choose, but the results have been lovely.
    This painting is full of atmosphere. Very pleasant to have hanging on your wall.

    1. Yes, very true. In this case, the artist felt that the image needed a little movement other than the water, so he added some birds flying along the shore. At first I was unsure about that but in the end, I like the addition. Many people who come to my office recognise the area right away and take immediate interest in the painting. I like looking at it when I need to take a breath. 🙂

    1. Yes, I like that too. It’s not something that I would have thought of doing, but I’m not an artist. 🙂 I like the effect, though, and I like to look at it when I need to take a little mental breather.

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