24 thoughts on “June 12’s Friday Flower”

  1. We saw our first Alberta Wild Rose during our Jasper trip last week. I am sure they are everywhere along the forest walks now. One of my favourite flowers. I should plant some in my garden. Thanks for sharing Lynette. Allan

    1. I’m thinking that’s the photo you posted yesterday? Very similar, yes. Theses roses, with slight variations, seem to be in lots of places. They’re pretty tough – they survive our -45C winters!

      1. That would be the one! Mine have been really scraggly the last few years. I’ve threatened to yank them out, but Hubby did a severe trim instead. They seem to be doing better this year.

          1. I have found it incredibly odd. Our neighbors have the exact same bushes and do absolutely nothing to them, but theirs have stayed essentially the same size as when they were planted and stay relatively full looking. Mine had gotten big and lanky looking before Hubby trimmed them way back. So odd!

          2. Those neighbors are renters and don’t do anything at all. We are lucky if they mow. The owner doesn’t do anything either. I’ve considered that my soil is just healthier because we maintain it, but who knows.

          3. I do okay, but I mostly wing it with the little bit I’ve picked up here and there listening to my grandma and mom talk about plants when I was younger. I still think I’ve managed to have about as much die over the years as I have currently planted. I still blame the awful soil we have and not because I did anything wrong! lol!

  2. Wild roses! I used to love seeing these in the prairies – no wonder Alberta adopted them as their provincial flower. We seem to be having a good season for dog-roses in the UK.

    1. Yes, that’s what they’re called here. Some people keep them in their gardens, as well. They’re very hardy and can become very large with masses of flowers. In UK they are known as dog roses.

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