23 thoughts on “Northern Fire”

  1. It has got to be an experience to live somewhere that experiences that much daylight or that much nighttime. I might actually enjoy summer, but probably couldn’t handle winter.

    1. I have heavy bedroom drapes for the summer and a circadian light lamp for winter. I need both! The summers are short but intense. It can get quite hot because the days are so long and the gardens grow really fast!

      1. I can’t even imagine how utterly destroyed my sleep would get. I already have a seriously messed up schedule. Having the light differences would probably break my poor brain.

        1. Yes, some people have lots of trouble with the short nights. It was still full daylight when I went to bed last night. I’m more used to it now; my body kind of says, “this again? Oh well, let’s get on with it.” 🙂

  2. Surprised that you still get five hours of darkness. By this time of year I would have expected sunset at midnight and sunrise by 2:30. – black out blinds would be the norm. I am just guessing from when I visited sweden at this time of year.

    1. I am not far enough north for that. I experienced true midnight sun when I was in Inuvik a couple of years ago. I really didn’t like it. Even with blackout drapes, I still didn’t sleep well. I experienced a similar situation when I visited northern Norway and Sweden, too. In this location (62° N latitude), the sun is just under the horizon and so it doesn’t get very dark. Extreme twilight. 😉

  3. Nice capture! We have the same here in Finland. During winter we have max 5 hours daylight and during summer 5 hours darker time.

  4. That’s a great picture!
    We were used to a LOT of sun in Arizona, so weren’t sure how we’d do in the middle of Minnesota (I checked — we’re at 46° N latitude). Strangely enough, it’s the long summer days that surprised us the most. Still light out at 9:30 pm? That’s insane! 😉

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 I used to live in Arizona as well and know what you mean (I like that Arizona doesn’t do any clock changing, either!) But yes, the further north you go, the more you will experience those extremes. The darkness last December bugged me quite a bit more than usual.

      1. Last December was a bit of a bear, yes. I put a lot of twinkly lights on the windows of my sunroom and the way they sparkled off the snow helped cheer the place up a bit. 🙂

  5. Tremendous power in the northern sun that hardly rests! Interestingly, even in southern Saskatchewan, the twilight seemed very long compared to where I am in the UK which is considerably to the north. I think the vast flat horizons gave that impression.

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