Today’s Picture: 25 May 20

The idea here is to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic. It started with pictures from our daily walks in…

Today’s Picture: 25 May 20

Today, Stuart has posted two photos – one coastal and the other forest. They are both beautiful: a stark beach in contrast with a lush forest. It’s the wonderful divergence of nature. Thank you, Stuart.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 25 May 20”

  1. I love the idea and hopefully it does help those that are inside and can’t get out. I know I have enjoyed the photographs. I too, love Stuart’s beautiful and historic forest. Who doesn’t love those old century old trees. Thanks Lynette. Have a blessed day. Love Joni

      1. Thanks, Lynette. I think I inherited my ‘eye’ from my mother; she was a gifted painter and I used to love to watch her paint on hardboard when I was a child (she couldn’t afford canvas, unfortunately). Mind you, she was a bit of leg-puller. When I was about 11, she said she wanted to try out some new designs. I let her draw all over my face with an eyebrow pencil; she was great at drawing formal representations of flowers and leaves. She then asked me to go to the local shop for her. I’d forgotten about the designs, and wondered about the odd stares I was getting, until I got home and caught my reflection in a mirror!

    1. Thanks, Joni. It’s great that these are being shared, spreading the joy got those stuck inside. As you know, I share your love for those ancient upright sentinels of the forest.

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