18 thoughts on “May 25’s Monday Marvellous”

  1. I ground my way up Giants Head yesterday, I have decided that I am going to try to walk it more often and hopefully get thinner and fitter! Nice pic!

    1. Yes, the views of Okanagan Lake and the vineyards really are stunning, no matter the season. This is a very deep north-south mountain valley. It’s this geography that produces the temperate climate and all those lovely wine grapes. 🙂 I’ve really been missing it this spring, but will go back for about five weeks this summer.

        1. I am far enough south (yes, the southern arctic 😉 ) that there are forests. It has been a very slow spring this year – we are a month behind. By this time it’s usually really green and misty at times, too (I’m on Great Slave Lake – 10th largest lake in the world). Our daylight hours are really long with only about four hours of darkness right now, so usually it gets quite hot! I haven’t seen many bears yet, either.

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