18 thoughts on “May 25’s Monday Marvellous”

    1. Yes, the views of Okanagan Lake and the vineyards really are stunning, no matter the season. This is a very deep north-south mountain valley. It’s this geography that produces the temperate climate and all those lovely wine grapes. 🙂 I’ve really been missing it this spring, but will go back for about five weeks this summer.

        1. I am far enough south (yes, the southern arctic 😉 ) that there are forests. It has been a very slow spring this year – we are a month behind. By this time it’s usually really green and misty at times, too (I’m on Great Slave Lake – 10th largest lake in the world). Our daylight hours are really long with only about four hours of darkness right now, so usually it gets quite hot! I haven’t seen many bears yet, either.

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