35 thoughts on “May 22’s Friday Flying”

      1. Sometimes I enjoy to take pictures of the clouds as well but it’s true that the world seen from above look different. Maybe you like pictures taken from drones as well. I am a big fan but I have never bought one. And yes, you do a wonderful job indeed😍

  1. Those are awesome! This will probably be the only way I will see stuff like this because I absolutely cannot stand to fly. I do love to see the images though, but I’m so good with doing it from the ground via computer!

    1. Aviation studies show that about 70% of people have some level of discomfort with flying, all the way from panic to mild unease, so you’re in good company.
      Your photos are beautiful. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I really hate that I’m so incredibly uncomfortable flying. I guess I’d rather fear something I find easy to work around than one I’m forced to confront regularly.

        1. Flying can trigger a lot of our evolutionary danger cues. We don’t have wings and most of the time, someone else is in control. We have to try to suspend our fears as best we can, and sometimes we’re just not very good at that. I think it’s pretty normal to be uncomfortable with flying.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The view certainly is different. While flying back to Canada on March 19, I had an almost visceral sense of a global shift. So strange. Being in the air really intensified this sense.

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