11 thoughts on “May 18’s Monday Marvellous”

    1. Yes, heavy moss because of all the rain. Many of the trees in this rain forest are about 800 years old. Going for a walk there makes me feel really small and insignificant. The sense of time is very pronounced.

      1. There’s really nothng to compare with ancient forests to give a sense of the passage of time, is there? You can feel it in the air, see it in the twists and bends of those ancient sentinels. Lovely!

  1. We always love the moss draped trees in Stanley Park, especially with sunlight shining through them. Even better if there is a mist rising. Have a great week, Lynette. Allan

    1. No danger there at all. 🙂 It just looks like it could be the movie set for Raiders of the Lost Swamp. 😉 Actually, it’s an old growth rain forest of Douglas Fir; some of the trees are about 800 years old and so gigantic. No one except the wild life lives there as it’s protected.

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