May 16’s Friday Flower

Lilacs are such common, and, some may say, old-fashioned, flowers.

I think they’re lovely. And the scent! Heavenly. Especially after a rain.

Happy Friday to you! Here in Canada it’s a long weekend, but we won’t be doing anything much except continuing to relearn our appreciation for the simple things.

25 thoughts on “May 16’s Friday Flower”

  1. A while before we get many blooms here other than dandelions. But the flowering trees are starting so I’m thinking my favourite resort is about to become my back yard. Enjoy the long weekend Lynette. Allan

    1. It has been such a slow spring, and maybe that’s been a good thing. People haven’t been so tempted to go out. I saw pictures of Edmonton on the news today and the weather looked good (and the restaurants starting to open).

      1. Yup. +22 and the living was easy. Lots of people out and about. Having to dodge the Covidiots, but our back yard was a haven. Against my better judgement, I planted the garden bedding plants yesterday. May have to cover them a couple of cooler nights, but I am OK with that. Stay well Lynette. Allan

  2. we are expecting hordes of people this long weekend! They all should be staying at home but they still keep coming,especially the surfers!
    All the rich people have been here for awhile now!

      1. people want to get out for the long weekend!
        The rich people own houses up here that are always empty year round but not now!
        Sarah Mclachlan has been here hiding out for awhile now!

  3. Lilacs are my favorite flower. I love both their color and scent. Are those recent lilacs blooming by you? My lilac bush is all filled in with greenery, but no blooms. I fear it’s getting too late for them to show up. It’s the biggest thing I look forward to every spring.

    1. They are such spring flowers – they make me feel good. This bush is growing in a very protected alcove next to my office building (this one bloom was sticking quite far out of its little corner) and has bloomed early before (early for here, anyway). The last few days were quite cold but it seems to be okay still. Does your lilac bush have any small buds anywhere?

      1. Yes, it does have some buds but not many. My neighbor’s bush has just a few blooms. Maybe we’ll get some yet. 🤷‍♀️

  4. There’s a town in Minnesota that has lilacs planted both sides of the main road heading in — so if you’re driving there at the right time of year, you always want to have your windows rolled down!

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