14 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 06 May 20”

  1. walking in Jericho Park yesterday with a botany-savvy friend, got discussing the lovely little wild flowers (aka weeds) to be found in grass these days, now that we are more relaxed about their presence, and in particular talked about dandelions – first, the amusement that our English name is a corruption of French (dents de lion, or lion’s teeth) while the French call them pissenlits (piss-in-the-bed, maybe for that yellow puddle effect?) – but second, my friend’s recent discovery of real vs false dandelions, the latter being smaller, with less elaborate “dentalwork” & furry leaves – so we scrabbled around, connoissuers of the dandelion world, and found some mini false-D’s & rubbed their leaves, which are indeed velvety – just googled, found the Latin name (Hypochaeris radicata) & fact they are also called Furry Cats’ Ears, which is fun — oh, the things you learn! — and on top of all that, dandelions, real or cat’s-ear variety, are so pretty

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment. 🙂

      I love how nature is reclaiming itself, and even the lowly dandelions are more precious now.

      I knew the French name (I’m Fr. Canadian) and as children we used to tease each other about bed pissing and dandelions. I’ve tried to remember exactly what we used to say to each other, but it’s gone. My mother used to make wine with them; I remember gathering the dandelion heads.

        1. Oh yes, me too! My mother’s was actually quite good. Like a Pinot Gris in flavour but not as refined as the better ones. A side comment – Okanagan Valley does so many good ones. 🙂

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