Stay the Blazes Home

The premier of Nova Scotia got pretty frustrated at the number of people still going outside to loiter in groups, so during a press conference he told residents to “stay the blazes home.”

His line has now gone viral (in a good way 🙂 ) and is being passed around everywhere. You can even get a t-shirt.

It costs $35.00 and all proceeds are going to covid-19 relief funds.

Stay healthy everyone and stay the blazes home. 😉

20 thoughts on “Stay the Blazes Home”

    1. It is! I have an acquaintance who is now recovering well from covid but requested that someone go into her house to get her some clothes (she was medevaced)! Even after getting it, some still don’t get it.

  1. Nova Scotia has the lowest participation rate in staying home. Hope that does not bite them in the A. Thanks for sharing Lynette. Allan

          1. Thank you. Yes – so many of the more draconian measures are because people don’t take this seriously, and can’t resist gathering in groups. Fooey on them!

    1. It’s so funny how some people are panicking and others are, yes, oblivious. It’s the oblivious ones who are dangerous though. They just won’t get that they can spread this thing.

  2. Love the slogan!
    I heard an Italian politician going off about women getting their hair done. He said, “No one will see your f**ing hair with a closed casket!”

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