20 thoughts on “Monday Peacock”

  1. Here in the States it’s a long weekend holiday; we Quaker Knitting Goddesses are sitting around together and knitting! And the weather is beautiful, so we’ll probably go walking later. An excellent start to the week.

  2. Hi I wanted to comment on your post about the reclining seats. At the risk of making myself unpopular here, as a veteran of tens of thousands of air miles, I think current rules regarding air travel are fine as long as people return their chairs to upright when people are eating. Suffering through a twenty four hour plus flight, unable to recline my seat, is to me unthinkable.

    1. WP can do interesting things at times – I’m not sure how the comments got turned off, so my apologies about that! 🙂

      I’m a veteran as well, and I’ve done many, many long-haul flights. Realistically, I think that reclining seats are going to become something that passengers will have to pay extra for – likely they will become part of the premium packaged tickets. I know that some airlines are considering removing the recline function, and once one does it, others will follow. I’ve seen some really poor passenger behaviour around the seat reclining (and other things too, but there are more complaints about the seat reclining than anything else) and airlines are trying to reduce the irritation factor. If there was more room between the rows, it wouldn’t be the issue that it has become, but the price of flying would go up, too …

    1. I’m not sure how the comments got turned off -mysterious things happen on WP at times – but they are on now. 🙂

      Yes, that’s my opinion too, even for the really long flights. People are already stressed out by the travelling (and the stats around fear of flying are pretty high – all the way from mild discomfort to outright panic), so I think we should do whatever we can to help each other out.

  3. I have got annoyed if people do it while I am eating but other than that I have never considered it rude. All part of the many delights of air travel. Trying to eat my food from those little trays, struggling to get out from my seat and not end up in somebody’s lap. Gee i am old enough to remember when people used to be able to smoke on planes. That seems unbelievable now. I remember getting fed up with the cloud of smoke coming from the back of the plane. How times change.

    1. No worries – comment as much as you would like. 🙂
      Yes – I remember the smoking too! Times do change. When I consider the Victorians, I think of those really uncomfortable clothes, the lack of equality for women and minorities, and the stultifying social rules. I’m so glad it’s different now!
      The idea of drones telling me what to do or how to behave really is alarming though.

          1. Apparently only Emirates is a consistent customer of this beautiful aircraft. The plane just hasn’t caught on. I am rather sad about it. Aa family, it had felt almost like we had our own private little cubicle, even in ‘cattle’ class.

  4. I wonder what other things we accept today that people in the future will get upset about. I was watching films of Victorian England yesterday from 1896- 1904. I was thinking about how they would all be plunged into a devastating war soon. They all looked so carefree. We never know what is around the corner.

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