22 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday – February 12”

  1. Ah, candles. This is one angle where Partner and I are completely copacetic. We always have at least one burning when we’re in the house. I love the ambiance…

  2. I used to light a lot of candles in my house–and then wondered why my ceilings were getting dark smudges on them? Good grief. I had no idea that would happen. Now, I light candles judiciously.

      1. My husband liked the softness of them, and that they were natural, compared to harsh electric lights. He liked to light them, and then he’d doze off, lol.

          1. You seem to have a sensitivity to the flickering. The effect of that on the brain is well-documented. I have experienced this with strobe lights. I don’t get a headache, but more a sense that I might pass out – very unpleasant. The tea lights probably don’t bother you because they’re smaller.

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