A Dinner Guest

You came for dinner

but didn’t stay

that’s good I guess

many people might think

you’re too creepy

or ugly

or gross

or just plain strange

but I love how


you are

thanks for your visit

I understood

that you couldn’t stay

did you find us

big and

spongy and

weird without wings?

29 thoughts on “A Dinner Guest”

    1. Thank you, Brian. 🙂

      This guy stopped by just as M and I were sitting down to an al fresco dinner in DR. He was so big and so capable of generating a lot of “eek!” factor, but it was clear that he was very benign. His wings were so lovely and delicate though, and I began thinking about all the write-offs we do because of differences …

      1. That’s good – Just you and mom there. I know that bug would not have bothered either of you. His visit would not bother my daughter and I. Glad you got a laugh out of my first comment.

  1. I like it, reminds me of my own writing (I´m vain), simple it seems complex it is to write about to be a joyful read. Very creative. I actually wrote a poem about a bee that I took a picture of it on top of the keyboard of my computer. Nice meeting you, nice blog you have here the photos and great writing.

      1. Yes they are part of our landscape, but I actually lived in a house in the middle of the woods and is not very comfy the mosquitos, bees that are on the attack and you on a constant state of alert…..not cool, they are devious.

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