Visual Coffee

This was a recent morning scene.

I hadn’t had coffee yet but the bright morning sun helped me to get going.

Alas, as of a few days ago, this sunny weather turned. It has been a mixture of watery snow that has turned to snow that has turned to rain.

Inevitably though, whatever comes out of the sky over the next couple of weeks will be snow.

That’s the way of the north.

And it will stay for a bit, at least until March. And it will look like this.

Cold, crisp, clear.


33 thoughts on “Visual Coffee”

  1. Beautiful photos. Winter is not my favorite season, but the glistening snow does make the world look fresh and clean.

  2. Snow is Nature’s way of cleaning up Fall’s mess. As my wife likes to say as we are walking outside at -30 through the crisp crunchy snow…..Isn’t it pretty? It is, but after 5 months, it does wear a bit thin. Makes Spring even more pleasant. Allan

  3. Looks perfect for snowshoes! Winters start early up there but dressed up warm you can enjoy the outdoors, and when you’re home, you can have hot chocolate plus whipping cream or marshmallows. Even better with peppermint liqueur even though I have’t had that in a loooong while.
    I grew up partly in Quesnel, and as a kid I loved winters. My Dad even made me my own skating rink in the front yard one year, that was neat. We had deep snow and I would tunnel underneath!
    Life is good, and I believe we need to love where we are planted.

    1. You had your own skating rink! Thatโ€™s such a Canadian image (one we donโ€™t see much now)!

      This is perfect for lots of winter activities including x-country skiing, snowshoes and skating. You do have to dress warmly though! -45 C is serious business. But yes, hot chocolate with a liqueur after being active in the cold is well-earned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautiful pictures. The snow in the last one almost looks like the color of the sky, just a shade darker (no pun intended, since it’s in the shaded part of the photo). Bleh on the slushy rain/snow though. We just have a tinge of fall color right now. It’s SUPER windy today, and I fear we’ll lose all the leaves before we get the chance to see it in full. Colder weather is colliding with warm here and the wind is atrocious. I hear it howling in our windows now.

    Stay warm.

    1. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      When we are deeper into winter, the sky and the snow start to look like each other even without the shadow. I think there may be some reflection, but the snow itself is a sort of blue-white as well. You can see it where the kids carve out their snow caves.

      Sorry to hear that you might lose your autumn colours! We are both experiencing the yucky in-between stages.

      I will stay warm – thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anything after Halloween is here to stay, is something we often say. It’s nice to have a bit of a timeline, I think. I can wring out these last drops and looks forward to those blue and white crystalline days.

    1. That is very true here! The snow that falls on or near Halloween is going to stay until about the end of March.
      And yes, itโ€™s nice to have a timeline. I do love a long autumnal slide into winter – your description is wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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