I’m Feeling Blue?


These lovely blue wild flowers shouldn’t make you feel blue …

Or this little red (and yellow) flower make you see red …

… or feel yellow.

They are all as fresh as a …

Funny how we have used colours and flowers to represent our feelings and even our state of cleanliness!

But they just are what they are, from the perfectly cultivated and sophisticated …

to the tiny, wild and perfect.

They are nature’s lovely gifts. 🙂

20 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Blue?”

  1. Lovely photos. And that second one? That’s me making my stage debut on Broadway portraying Oscar Wilde in a morality play about being subversively fabulous. No really, it could happen. After all, shouldn’t we always make the best of the beauty we find on a random Wednesday?…. 😉

    1. I like that second flower too, but I don’t know what kind it is.
      Of course it could happen – I will be delighted to be in the audience of your stage debut! 🙂 Then I’ll be able to say, yes, I knew him when … 😉

  2. Your words have made this post perfect. The flowers are lovely. I miss columbines. Use to go to Colorado and see them growing in the wild. Planted them in my yard where I once lived in Arizona. They do not seem to want to grow in hot, humid Arkansas. I can understand that – but I miss their beauty. Thanks for this lovely post Lynette.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Some of these photos came from the garden of a friend of mine. I don’t have a garden atm, but will again when I retire (in about three years). Columbines are gorgeous. I understand why you miss them.

      1. I am sure you are looking forward to retirement in a few years – I am glad you will be able to have a garden again someday.

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