Deep Purple

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean and loves dry, hot temperatures and sandy soils.As a result, it’s a good plant for BC’s Okanagan Valley, and is a highly recommended garden shrub for this drought-prone, desert-like climate.They are hardy, pretty, and the scent is lovely. In fact, science has proven that the scent of lavender is calming and relaxing.Here in the Okanagan, they grow everywhere, in boulevards and around parking lots and in garden plots. Just going for a walk exposes you to a gentle whiff or two.

Greetings from the lovely lavenders of the Okanagan Valley. πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Deep Purple”

  1. I love lavender so much! I had a beautiful bunch of it growing in my yard for a while, but we had to pull it out to redo the area and I never replanted.

      1. Sadly, I can’t tolerate the scent as it tends to trigger a migraine. The only way I could have it at all is because it was in an area I could see it, but wasn’t close enough to the house where I had to smell it too much.

        1. So sorry to hear about your migraines! have never had one but a good friend of mine gets them (with an aura as well) and she can get hit pretty hard. She now gets botox shots for them and that seems to be working well for her.

          1. The aura is a good indicator for me to grab the meds. The older I get, the worse scents tend to hit me but it isn’t just scents that trigger them. Sometimes the meds will moderate the migraine, other times, are just horrible. I didn’t used to get them all that often, but this year has been absolutely nightmarish in comparison.

          2. They absolutely can be. Knowing the warning signs (too me forever to figure them out) makes a world of difference for me. The sooner I take something, the better I’m going to feel. If I wait too long, nothing helps.

  2. Lavender is lovely, and it does soothe. It also grows in southern Spain, and you know I have a fondness for such an area. Yet another reason to take the plunge and move there?

    1. Why not? Depends a lot of course on where you and Terry are in your lives, finances, all that stuff. But I often think of how much we box ourselves in with our choices. Then again, we are very privileged to be able to make such choices and decisions. My M and I are figuring this out now … I am retiring in three years (M is already retired) and we are looking at how to maximise our financial resources. We want to travel lots but also need to balance our choice of location with the ageing body … We seriously considered Europe (I have an EU passport through the UK – Brexit, ugh) but have reluctantly taken it off the table. One thing I do know is that these decisions can’t be forced. Good luck with that process but try to have fun with it too. πŸ™‚

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