A Northern Lilac

In the north, lilac takes a long time to bloom.

It’s July, yes, but these hardy blooms do arrive, even if late by southern standards.

I found this particular bush after a rain when their fragrance was particularly lush and heady.

Hardy they may be, but they spread their gaudy celebration of life with gusto.

Greetings from the lovely northern lilac. πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “A Northern Lilac”

  1. Beautiful. One of my favorite flowers. I can almost smell the fragrance through your picture.

  2. Gorgeous! Do you know if the blooms last longer in the north? I know it seems as if they never last long enough where I’m at. And the smell! I love the way the air smells when the lilacs are in bloom.

    1. It’s not really shorter; it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s compressed. They are exposed to about 22 hrs of light a day with the other two being sort of twilighty (this town isn’t far enough north for 24 hrs). This makes everything grow faster once it warns up enough (and we had a wet, cool spring, even for here) to get going. The smell is so great – I really love it. πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh. Lilacs are my favorite flower. If only I could smell them through the computer screen. Our lilac season wasn’t a season at all this year. It’s usually in May, and ends by June, but we didn’t get much of any. πŸ˜• At least I got to see yours. Thanks for sharing.

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