A Little More Rain Forest

Here are two more views of the precious rain forest that can be found on Vancouver Island.

The rain forest, although damp and sodden, has a peacefulness that is easily communicated to humans. Our busy lives tire us out so much, and just taking a quick break in a forest is a wonderful, rejuvenating, special thing.

Another view of one of those ancient Douglas firs. Aren’t they wonderful? I hope they live for many, many more decades.

30 thoughts on “A Little More Rain Forest”

      1. Thank you Lynette.
        So many things do remind me of my place in the world (and I love life😊) but would surely want to experience more of life and nature. I am sure a rain forest would be very grounding.
        By end of the year Intention is to travel to Vancouver, Mexico as well as Brazil. Let us see what plans He has for my life.

  1. I haven’t seen a lot of my own country, and this is one of the places I’d dearly love to visit. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Yes,but unfortunately if you were to look from the air there is only a thin sliver left of the old Firs in that valley. A big wind storm happened last December and because this stand is exposed many trees fell. Thats one of the problems with clear cutting. It makes other trees more susceptible to wind fall.

          1. we as a species clear cut not just the forests but also the Oceans. We take and take and now that our numbers have grown the affects of this “taking” for centuries is apparent.
            The worse part is we cannot do a dam thing about it…..unless you can figure out how to bring our population down from 8 to 1 billion? ….and even if you some how manage to do that,it’ll be back up to 8 billion in 100 years or so.

          2. People need to stop thinking that we need to “grow;” we haven’t needed growth for probably about 100 years. That’s not in the interests of big business however, and they won’t stop until they’re regulated. Growth regulation requirements for big business – that will be the day! All we can do is look after our own little piece and try to have as minimal an impact as possible.

          3. whoever has the money,makes the rules…….and big business has the money.
            Look at the NRA,they effectively have stopped any sort of common sense gun regulation! Take for instance “Bump stocks”.

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