12 thoughts on “Thawed”

        1. It was someone else’s boat – it was a day trip. I am on the shores of that lake (Great Slave Lake) when I am here for work – 10 largest lake in the world. Btw, the lake’s name has nothing to do with slavery. It’s an English corruption of a Dene indigenous word. 🙂

  1. I suspect only people who live with long, frozen winters can appreciate the impact of discovering one day that you can now photograph a lake of water, not ice. Side topic: What is that white shape just under the water? Surely not a beluga… ??? Another side topic: in starting to answer your query re Gibsons or Sechelt, my finger flicked over the spam indicator and your comment was deleted. I went to my dashboard, did what I could to restore it and then to answer, hope you got it. If not, comment again and I’ll try to make my finger behave!

    1. It is one of those glorious realisations. 🙂

      This was taken on Great Slave Lake, so no belugas, unfortunately. That would have been exciting! I think it’s just the interplay between the light and the silty water (extremely silty at this time of year). However, there are indigenous stories about a “Nessie” type monster in the lake. Maybe I inadvertently caught a glimpse. 🙂

  2. Hey Lynette, thank you so much for liking my recent post. I really appreciate your support.

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