Cameron Lake

Is this photo upside down? Or right side up?


This beautiful clear lake is in the traditional territory of the Kwalikum First Nation on Vancouver Island.


It is very deep and cold and is popular for windsurfing and fishing. It’s said to be home to a water monster that can only be seen in the evenings. Bwahahaha. 😉

When we stopped there, the lake was mirror still and it was completely windless. It was quite amazing to see it sort of frozen like that.

The first photo is right side up; the second photo is upside down – it’s a reflection.

25 thoughts on “Cameron Lake”

  1. Very cool. If you turn that first photo vertical, it looks like a mountain tower reaching to the heavens with a trail up the middle. 😀

    If only we could still our minds (temporarily) the same way as that beautifully motionless lake.

  2. Dude, you’re KILLIN’ me over here! You’re totally on my dream vacation right now. The lodge at lake Louise looked like a real nice place. How ’bout checking in for a couple nights and posting that up, so I can really get fidgety?

      1. never ever seen a windsurfer out there on that lake and for that matter any boats! Summer time has calmer winds than the winter time. Many lakes have that reflective look to it in the morning and at sunset. The sun stirs up the winds.

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