26 thoughts on “Big Red”

  1. I recently visited a Japanese Garden and saw a few similar bushes. A lady who worked there said it was a burning bush, but I don’t think it’s the official name. They certainly do look like a burning bush though. Gorgeous.

    1. It’s such a great time of year. πŸ™‚ My home in the Okanagan has the most beautifully colourful fall. Here, autumn is very short. This morning there was a little snow on the ground – just a sprinkle – but the wind was nasty. Our first real signal of the cold to come.

      1. I have sent your posting of “Big Red” to a friend who is a expert in these sort of things.Will get back to you if she can ID?

        btw,one of the bears I see from time to time is also called “Big Red” as well.

  2. My bet is with the person who suggested Burning Bush β€” it’s a kind of euonymus that has plain green leaves all summer, spectacular burning-red colour in fall and shows off its corky trunk & branches in winter after the leaves drop. It tends to keep a very neat shape all on its own. I had one of these while still living in Toronto, which is why I know a little about its yearly cycle.

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