Do You Know What These White Spots Are?

It’s not a case of really bad dandruff.

It’s not dry skin.

It’s not an example of galloping exfoliation.


It’s snow.

I know I’m in the north, but yikes. That’s soon even for here.

However, at least we don’t have a hurricane coming at us.

To those who do, stay safe. Good luck and good wishes.

24 thoughts on “Do You Know What These White Spots Are?”

  1. Holy Cow! Have you even gotten any relief from the drought and wildfires before the snow. Did it accumulate? Stay warm up there in the great white north.

    1. Up here in the Territories it was dry but few fires (British Columbia was whacked – it still has fires and drought although some places are doing better). It has been such an abrupt change to cold.🌨 My body is totally confused. It accumulated a bit – it was all over the truck this morning but gone by noon. I shouldn’t complain though. Jill is looking at a hurricane.

          1. we are going through a second summer right now! Been fantastic weather for a week & it looks like it’ll extend into another week! Same pressure system must be affecting you?

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