Summer Fun

I love these sculptures on the east shore of Lake Okanagan.

The city of Penticton has lovely beaches that are very child-friendly and geared to lots of kid-fun. That sentiment is reflected in this appealing and charming set of sculptures.

Great summer fun.

In the northern hemisphere, summer is drawing to a close. British Columbia has been swept by hundreds of fires and many of them are still burning; the first two photos show some smoke haze in the distance. For the fourth year in a row, it was the hottest summer on record. I know that Europe sweltered and that many other forests around the world are burning.

Did you experience unusual weather during the summer?

20 thoughts on “Summer Fun”

  1. That sculpture is wonderful! I love it when sculptures are popped in random places like that, become one with their location and you can interact with them. If I was a child and lived near them, they’d have become close friends.

    We had a bizarre Winter, it was mostly really mild then there was a huge snowstorm at the end of the season, with giant snowdrifts, it was chaos. Mind you it was nothing like Canadian Winters, but briefly it looked like the photos you’ve shared of that. There were some great news stories of people coming together to help each other out.

    Spring was fairly normal, but not as wet as usual – the flowers were amazing! Summer was indeed sweltering. It reminded me of Summers spent in Italy. The UK was melting and burning after weeks of heat when finally a front of wild and crazy thunderstorms broke the heatwave. My partner and I stood outside watching the storm waiting for the rain, and when it began to pour down we heard our neighbours whoop – they too had been standing outside waiting for the rain.

    Things appear to be back to normal, but the birds in my garden are acting strange for this time of year… so I wonder.

    Ty for sharing 🙂

    1. I find those sculptures such fun. I remember being so delighted when I first saw them. From a distance they look like real children. 🙂
      It’s great that people came together to help each other out. We can be so good to others when things are at their worst. It briefly looked like a Northwest Territories winter? Yikes. That would have been difficult to cope with. I remember being in the UK or Europe when the tiniest amount of snow has caused near-panic. But a big storm – there’s no proper tools or equipment to deal with it or people who know how to take it in stride.
      It’s amazing how hot and dry the UK and Europe have been – we may be looking at a weather shift, especially if the birds are acting strange. BC still has hundreds of active fires and very little rain. We drove through a lot of smoke on our way back to NWT – at times it was almost dark and we had to get an oil change as soon as we got out of the smoke. I’m starting to wonder how many forests will make it.

  2. Love those sculptures. Anneli’s been writing about the wildfires and smoky air there, too. It’s not comfortable to live around and can get scary (I experienced it in Florida during dry season).

    It’s been a hot summer here . . . lots of 90’s (c30’s), humid, and little rain. The funny thing is, it’s still not as humid as it was when I lived in Florida. At least we’ve had some breezes. In Florida the air is so stagnant and unbreathable. Not to mention, it will end here soon, and in Florida it won’t end for months yet.

    1. They are so great. 🙂

      When we were driving back to the north, the day became very dark with the smoke – it was like driving in twilight. We could still see the sun but it was a mostly obscured angry red. It was so bad that we had to get an oil change right away (we’d had one the day before leaving) from the ash collecting in the engine.

      It seems that the weather has been completely wonky almost everywhere.

  3. Temperatures here in North Carolina have been around average, (mid-80’s F) but we’ve had a bit more rain than usual, so the grass is growing like crazy. We had a couple big fires last year but this time around it has been all about the mud.

    Your Okanagan pics made me think about the first time I jumped into Shuswap. Boy was it ever cold! Drink a glass for me.

    1. Good to hear that your weather has been pretty normal. 🙂

      The Shuswap is a wonderful lake. 🙂 We Will drink a glass for you! We are back in the north now but we have good bottles of Okanagan wine with us. 🙂

  4. Very troubling, all these fires in many parts of the globe.

    In my region (suburban Philadelphia) we had some really nice days recently. But today it’s hot as hell again, well into the 90s Fahrenheit.

    See ya’ —

    1. Yes – it is a very troubling picture. The extremes of heat in unlikely locations ( here the north where I work the elders are saying that it’s been a lot warmer than usual) is so worrying.

  5. Interestingly enough, even though I constantly complain about the heat in Texas, this year has not been as bad as I’ve seen it be in past years. And while this may sound satisfying, it’s actually disconcerting. For Texas to actually have some decent days during the height of summer, it’s a clear sign (at least to me) that something is jacked with the global weather patterns…

    1. It’s been so strange almost everywhere, it seems. Hot where it should be cooler, cooler where it should be hot (actually, I’ve read that that’s one of the symptoms of global warming … )

  6. I know the Northeast in America sweltered for at least a few weeks, as did Indiana. Then, Indiana drowned in unseasonably nonstop rain. Here in California, it’s been reasonable except for a few weeks during June.

    They threaten that winter will be worse than any. Sigh.

  7. I’m sorry to be the one who mentions it,but with so many metal objects being stolen these days I hope these cannot be removed! Many art works have been stolen & sold to scrap dealers.

    1. They’re quite large and attached to the rocks and they’re also somewhat awkward to get to. Trying to remove one and then get it out would be quite difficult – maybe the effort wouldn’t be worth it? But they have been there since 2002. Fingers crossed no one tries to take them!

      1. well………I’ve heard of several klicks of hydro cable being taken down (while charged).The thirst for money so they can get their next hit is very powerful!
        Lets hope that nobody takes them.A very beautiful piece of art work!

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